Pots can be custom ordered up to 23" across.  Send detailed information on the style, shape, size, and color of the pot you would like made.  A proposal will be sent to you for review.   Email Us


Please note:

  • Measurements need to be inside dimensions, and include width and height in inches.   
  • Prices are based on size and shape of the pot, as well as the style.  
  • If you are not quite sure which style pot would work best, Rob can suggest several options for you.  Include as much information about the tree, or provide a photo of the tree if possible.  
  • An approximate time of completion will be given, but cannot be guaranteed.
  • No size or color can be guaranteed as the process is not exact.  Rob will try to get your order as close as possible to your desired specifications.
  • A non-refundable deposit will be required on custom orders over 18 inches.